Interested in getting involved with learning how schools and educational buildings can act as role models for the Renovation Wave and the New European Bauhaus? Want to follow this exciting incubator for innovation and creativity driving sustainable design across Europe? Learn how:

Become a Follower School!

As a Follower School your students and teachers will be invited to join the Pilot Site Labs and learn from their beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive developments to get inspired and grow their climate literacy competencies!

Become a Follower School

Get involved with NEB|LAB ECO² SCHOOLS!

You can get involved with NEB|LAB  ECO² SCHOOLS by:

  1. Following us on the
    Education for Climate | Education for Climate (
    and Signing up to the project mailing list to stay informed on upcoming resources, learnings, events, and development.
  2. Registering your interest in becoming a future NEB|LAB ECO² SCHOOLS Pilot Site.
  3. Registering your interest in sharing your technical knowledge/skills to support in the NEB|LAB ECO² SCHOOLS initiative.
  4. Registering your interest in becoming a future ECO² SCHOOLS sponsor (starting in 2025)

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