Test innovative solutions in the Pavilion of Knowledge – Centro Ciência Viva

The Pavilion of Knowledge – Centro Ciência Viva is a pilot site in the European project “ECO²-SCHOOLS as New European Bauhaus (NEB) Labs”, that will be used as a model to promote, within the educational community, awareness activities for social innovation, education, and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, it is committed into a green transition through the installation of solar panels to optimize the consumption of its energy resources and other climate neutral renovation solutions.

In the Pavilion of Knowledge an expert team composed by members of the Core Team and invited stakeholders recently combined knowledge and expertise to test innovative solutions focus on sustainability materials, in support of a green transition. This activity process started with the 1st co-design workshop where the expert team and the Chamber of Quality (advising board) initiated the sketch design of certain idea (proof of concept), based on a co-design process. The 2nd co-design workshop focused on the preparation of the construction phase of the final design, related to a nature-based solution. The next steps includes the installation of a prototype representing a green wall outside the Pavilion of Knowledge, highlighting the concerns and interests of Ciência Viva on sustainable development.

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