ECO²-CAMPUS Sustainable Microcity Progress Update

An ECO²-CAMPUS Sustainable Microcity | Microville Durable® in preparation on Microville112

Microville112 is in the full activation phase as a main pilot site within ECO²-SCHOOLS as New European Bauhaus (NEB) Labs.

Since the launch of the Erasmus+ project on January 24-25, 2023,  Microville112 has hosted 3 co-design workshops bringing together elected officials, residents, students, teachers, researchers, first occupants of the site, training stakeholders and young professionals.

A quick retrospective of these 3 highlights which took place in Courcy (in person and videoconference):

On March 23rd,  2023 the 1st workshop “co-design the ECO²-Campus Microville112” brought together students from CY design school 2nd year, Dominique Sciamma, Stéphanie Hémon, Pascal Nuzzo and the ETI Chair – IAE Paris Sorbonne School, Carlos Moreno, Catherine Arod-Gall. The workshop allowed the community in training to get to know each other and discover that everyone is legitimate and has something to contribute to co-produce this third place of co-learning-action for 3 generations. They shed light via images, post-its, drawings and stories on what is the best that can happen with the installation of the ECO²-CAMPUS on the Microville112. Over the following 3 weeks, the Global Design students shed light on the essential points for a successful engagement process by learning-action on Microville 112. They proposed an “Aeropacis Eco-Citizen Charter“, a starting point for getting all stakeholders to work together.

The 2nd workshop (April 18, 2023) brought together the EUROPAN17 Living Cities2 teams and first users of the site.This workshop allowed an expansion of the Europan France 17 team, while retaining the core group of elected officials and residents. We tested the “Ecological Renaissance Fresco” tool as a means of mapping opportunities and initiatives, considering the Microville112 as a vast “school site” with exceptional potential. Following the workshop, discussions where had with Julien Dossier who demonstrated this summer via the, that great initiatives-solutions exist everywhere, including in the heart of rural France. The Pilot Site aims to create a “permanent project documentation room” on the ECO²-Campus, with the Ecological Renaissance Fresco + Proximity Fresco as a support for exchange-coproduction-transmission.

The 3rd workshop (June 8, 2023) was held with AFPA Grand Est and LAB17bis of the Académie de Reims and simulated the occupation of the T2 building, in which the ECO²-Campus MicrovilleDurable® will be located. It allowed the emerging community to experience the potential of the place, project itself into 2024 with a training site initiated by the AFPA and from 2025 towards an expansion to neighboring villages and the entire Microville112.

The AFPA training site starts this fall, and the preparatory installation of the ECO²-Campus is planned for spring 2024.

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